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About TK


TK has been established in 1988, and constantly produced various type of PE film to meet the needs of customers. TK is located in Taoyuan Nankan as the key transport point to provide the rapidly delivery service to the customers in Taiwan and overseas. Our main product Polyethylene Film is nontoxic and less pollution to environment. We devote to provide higher quality and more precise product. Moreover, we also take customer orientation as first priority to provide competitive price and product to our customers. In 2009, TK start setting up cleaning room for co-extruded multilayered film. This is in order to provide a much more professional and more safety environment to food and other kinds of customers in diverse industries.


We constantly devote to upper technique and quality from now on. Furthermore, we will get the profit and also take care of protecting environment at the same time.

Plastic Film Manufacturer

Teng Kuan Plastics Industry CO., LTD. is a professional Plastic Film Manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in producing PE Film, PE Bag, Printing Film, Food Industries Film, and Electronic Industries Film with superior quality and competitive price. We also offer high quality Textile Industry Film, Multi-layer Co-extrusion Film, and other Packing Materials, featuring their durable material. If you are looking for high quality Lamination Film, Bottom Bag, Square Bag, Plastic Bag, and Aluminum Film, please feel free to contact us.

Main Products

  • A. Dedication to our Customers

    All our works is start from hearing the needs of customers. What to be packed? Why use this packing? After understanding the needs accurately, we can bring up a proposal which can help our customer to cost down by using suitable material. We not only provide the product we have, but also help our customer search more suitable way of packing. From blowing, cutting, sealing, checking, we carry through the demands of customers in every process in order to meet the requirements of our customers.    
  • B. Dedication to our quality

    Even though we’ve understand the demand of our customers, we still keep our product in high quality. We not only buy the new machine, carry through the internal management, but also do the quality checking in every process to seek stable and upper quality. 
  • C. Dedication to our earth

    The protection of environment is a big project to us. Polyethylene is the same as electricity and gas, it’s application in human’s life is also essentially. When our product has been used, we hope we can decrease the loading of the earth. We’ve devoted to decrease the lost in the production process and carry out the recycling to achieve the sustainable operation.

  • Certificate Number:

    DATE: 30 November 2011
    Valid Date: 30 November 2012
    ISO 9001:2008
  • Certificate Number:

    DATE: 2013/02/25
    SGS Test Report
  • Certificate Number:

    DATE: 2013/02/25
    SGS Test Report
  • Certificate Number:

    DATE: 2013/02/25
    SGS Test Report


 A. Material
  • There are three kinds of types of PE-LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE. It's shape looks like rice. In order to meet the demands of our customers to produce good ductility, pulling, thinner film, we have to mix different types of the material to produce the best product.
 B. Lamination
  • Firstly, melting the material in high temperature and laminating the material from machine. Pushing the air into the film to make it inflate like a ball. Finally, pull up the film and roll it.
C. Making bag
  • Putting the film roll in to the cutting machine, cutting and sealing at the same time.
D. Making bag by hands

Putting the film roll in to the cutting machine, cutting and sealing at the same time.

E. End product checking
  • Checking the quality during the process and before shipping.
F. Shipping
Delivery the end product by specific staff.


Recycling the lost material during production process. Recycling those clean film to raw material and using it again to produce the PE film.

Cleaning room
  • Putting the PVC curtain, and double air curtain in the exit to prevent the bugs, insects and mosquito fly into the operation area.

Setting up the LED light in operation area

Setting up the LED light in operation area to avoid bugs come close to the operation area.