Management Principles

  • A. Dedication to our Customers

    All our works is start from hearing the needs of customers. What to be packed? Why use this packing? After understanding the needs accurately, we can bring up a proposal which can help our customer to cost down by using suitable material. We not only provide the product we have, but also help our customer search more suitable way of packing. From blowing, cutting, sealing, checking, we carry through the demands of customers in every process in order to meet the requirements of our customers.    
  • B. Dedication to our quality

    Even though we’ve understand the demand of our customers, we still keep our product in high quality. We not only buy the new machine, carry through the internal management, but also do the quality checking in every process to seek stable and upper quality. 
  • C. Dedication to our earth

    The protection of environment is a big project to us. Polyethylene is the same as electricity and gas, it’s application in human’s life is also essentially. When our product has been used, we hope we can decrease the loading of the earth. We’ve devoted to decrease the lost in the production process and carry out the recycling to achieve the sustainable operation.